The Hunt For Protective Style Outerwear

by Kéla Walker

I took these pictures last week during what I hope was the beginning of the end – of winter. I was trying to be a good style blogger but I realized I’m not really built for capturing my style in this weather or rather my hair isnt.

You know women do not like getting their hair wet yet I sacrificed my mane for a few decent shots to maintain my style blogger status.  However it wasn’t long before I was ducking for cover from the snow.

Side Bar: one of the things I love about shooting at my location is there is always an over head or cover  making it possible to shoot in almost any weather.

Speaking of the weather I’ve been looking for a parka coat to add to my coat collection for some time now and thought I’d found it in this green and black combo.  You don’t see a lot of parkas with black lamb hair.  It was delivered on the day of this shoot and tried it on right before heading out to snap photos.  I’m so glad I wore it and tested it out.  I quickly realized it wasn’t for me. Already, a parka is a little to casual for my taste but if I’m going to add one to my kloset I want to make sure it’s both fashionable and functional with a hood to protect me and my hair from wet weather.  Sadly this one doesn’t which confirms it’s a returner.

You know what’s not a returner? This hair. I got that new new. Aint it pretty? I’ve partnered with a new brand,  Nubian Hair Oasis, to try their line of extensions and after this first pass I have to say I LOVE IT .  I showed off my Nubian Hair Oasis locks on IG  teasing that I might go back to black but I fell too hard for lighter hair & couldn’t turn back now.


I had my seamstress or weavologist lighten the hair – it’s a little different from the color I had before but I have to say I love this new auburn color and how it mixes with my own hair.

 Expect to hear me talking about Nubian Oasis Hair a lot and seeing how I work it with my style.

Today’s Kloset PUll

Coat ~ Asos | Hair ~ Nubian Hair Oasis