Quick & Easy Travel Hacks

by Kéla Walker

It never fails, anytime I’m skipping town, there are a few rituals and travel hacks I put into practice. First off, luggage size. It’s determined by the duration and purpose of my trip. Anything under 4 days garners a carry-on bag that it of course unless I’m working- then all size regulations go out the window.  I travel in easy clothes for comfy experience and I’m never without a scarf. My travel hacks go on to include a couple of other tricks.

Kontinue for my full travel hack rundown for an efficient get away

When I pack I roll- instead of fold- it’s the best way to make the most of my space. I only pack 2 pair of heels max and a variety of pieces to mix and match them with which can be dressed up or down.

Also I leave the all lotions and body creams at home. Unless it’s a special beauty product, I’m completely okay with using the Hotel stuff- you know some places give out the good stuff like Kiehl’s and Bliss Body products. Needless to say I bring a lot back home.

More than anything my travel rituals are all about efficiency. It’s also the rule of thumb for my mode of travel with the quickest route possible. In the case that I can’t fly, I take the train for those quick excursions to destinations like Philadelphia or Washington, D.C. I know the bus is cheaper but after 4 years of riding them for 5-8 hours to and from college, I’d like to think I’ve graduated from that mode of transportation. (No judgment for those that do!) I just can’t do it anymore. Plus my time is money. It sounds so cliché but it’s so true when you work in an industry like mine that pays ½ day and full day rates. The quicker I get there, the sooner I can serve my purpose and get home. Enter Amtrak and its Acela Express train.

At speeds of up to 150mph it’s a faster trip with even fewer stops. The last time I traveled to Philly- hey Philly Kuties- I got there in 60 mins!! SIXTY MINUTES.  That trip normally takes 2-3+ hour and Acela does it in half the time. Heck, that is quicker than my ride home, to upstate NY. With outlets at every seat, conference tables for meetings and cafe cars to grab a bite to eat, Acela delivers the speed and convenience I’m looking for when traveling. I’m an adult so it’s only right that I travel like one. For business or play, Acela is travel upgraded and that’s my kind of efficiency. What are your travel rituals? With 16 daily weekday departures between New York, Philly and Washington, D.C., Acela delivers the speed you expect and the convenience you deserve.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Amtrak via The Root and help with my shopping addicition. The opinions expressed herein are my own and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Amtrak. Thank Kuties!