Reason to Smile ~ Boyfriend Vest & Orange Cigarette Pants

by Kéla Walker

I look so darn happy in these photos. I’m sporting that kind of bright eyed bushy tail smile and spirit that you would typically see from a catalogue model.


A catalogue model I am not but there’s definitely a reason to smile. I live in the best city in the world, have my dream career and I get to play dress up everyday- what is there not to smile about.  Im super blessed and most graciously favored.  So often I log onto a site with bloggers showing this intense look and modelesque stance void of any happy emotions as all. It’s fashion folks; we’re not saving the world, just dressing for the moment so have fun with it.


Happy Humpday Kuties

Today’s Kloset Pull

Boyfriend Vest old ~ H&M (kinda like this)
Pants old ~ (kinda like this)
Blouse old ~ Zara
Necklace ~ Forever 21
Shoes ~ Chloe
Bag ~ Rebecca Minkoff