Recap: Rihanna’s Anti World Tour Concert in Brooklyn #ZapposStyle

by Kéla Walker

The Anti World Tour in Brooklyn. OMG. Where do I start… I don’t know if it was because it was my first time seeing Rihanna perform live or because Im in love with her Anti album but I was all the way into it and thanks to Zappos I got to enjoy the entire experience with my baby sister.

My good friends over at Zappos hooked me up with tickets to Rihanna’s Anti World Tour at the Barclays Center which in turn I surprised my sister with for her birthday.  She had absolutely no idea what we were doing until we were standing in the Barclays Center. She’s an uber Rihanna fan.  Legit- she had the good girl gone bad hair cut Ri rocked years ago and can practically recite her entire discography.  She’s actually the one that got me into the Anti album so it was only right that I took her along for the show.

She had absolutely no clue we were going to the show- even when i had her snap the picture of me outside the Barclay Center- she was oblivious.  It wasnt until we were physically Barclays and picking up the tickets did she know. Needless to say, she was pretty thrilled.  Before heading to our seats we rocked out in the Zappos lounge – Seriously.  See the video below.  It’s a ridiculously cool  interactive space where you can kick it literally and figuratively before and during your show at Barclays.

There’s  a wall of kicks that you can shop on the spot.  Plus you can get a shoe shine, cop some  swag (last time I was there I picked up these kute sunnies – all of which is for free. Excluding the shopping, of course.   My favorite part…. the selfie sofa which puts the standard selfie booth to shame. I mean, I never met a selfie booth I didn’t like but this one takes the cakes creating a mini video.

Can you tell which Rihanna Anti song we are rocking out to?

In our seats- whuch were pretty damn awesom in the section 7 of th elower level. Before the show even started my sister had already bought a Rihanna Anti World Tour hat and before we left she purchased a sweatshirt. I  told you she is a hardcore Rihanna fan.

The night was LIT.  Literally.  Rihanna turned the Barclays Center all the way up and out.

She opened the show with a bang singing my two favorite songs from Anti – Woo and Sex With Me- at the top of the show.  She kept the momentum going throughout the show singing both old and new hits.

Her show had bubbles yall, BUBBLES!  Who does that? Rihanna, that’s who. I love every minute of it, including her wardrobe.

Rihanna has four wardrobe changes throughout the show -the first of which is my favorite and inspired my look for the concert.  She entered the stadium in a dusty suede bodysuit snatched with the most amazing  over the the knee boots you ever did see.  Actually I think they’re called chaps.  At any rate the matching boots were sick.  Oh, and  she had the perfect dark lip pout to set it all off.  Yall, know I love a bold dark lip.

This faux suede vest is a nice interpretation of Rihanna’s opening look.  I love that I was able to point admirers  in the direction of the Zappos Lounge when they asked me about. How convenient is it that you can buy exactly what you see and love on the spot.

HUGE HUGE Thank you to Zappos for the experience and allowing me to share it with my sister.  This is another one of those moment that I love what I do and being able to share it with the people I love. The next time you are at the Barclays Center stop by the Zappos space (by Section 28) and have some fun in style.  If you can, check out Rihanna’s Anti World Tour. Otherwise I hope you enjoyed the moments I shared.

Today’s Kloset Pull 

Head to Toe Zappos
( I keep telling y’all Zappos got the GOODS)
Suede Jacket (my new favorite)  | Fringe Vest | Jeans | Shoes (Look for less version HERE)
Purse (I like to call this my budget Chanel bag)
Lippie ~ Magnolia Makeup Eggplant

Are you a Rihanna fan?
What your favorite song?
What’s your favorite song from the Anti album