Get This Sultry Red Carpet Makeup Look

by Kéla Walker

Ok, you kuties already know I covered the Soul Train Awards recently, and SLAYED it might I add,  but what you don’t know is that it all came together at the last minute.  The hair. The dress. Heck, even the makeup, it all fell into place. I’ll give you a break down of it all but first, the face. I found my MUA the DAY of the show to create this sultry makeup style for me.

Sultry Red Carpet Makeup

Kontinue for a step by step breakdown on my makeup for the Soul Train Awards

I love the power of social media. The make up artist I had lined up for the STA fell through at the last minute, leading me to put out an APB for a GOOD makeup artist on Twitter and Instagram ASAP. After a retweet here, a DM there and a bunch of messages in between I found a dope makeup artist to create a great face to complete my look. Sure I could do my own face but there is something about a good makeup artist doing your face that makes it all more glam and official.
Shout out to Carly -@bombshellbeautyent- who answered my call for help and showed up to my hotel room perky and PREPARED to create a knock out look for the task at hand.

Before I get into the breakdown I have to give a huge thank you to the the good folks over at Black Opal Beauty who sent over a gang of products for me to work with – foundations, lipsticks, eye shadows and so much more.


First up, Carly started off with my eyebrows and creating a gorgeous shimmering neutral look on my eyes. PAUSE. Please excuse my turban / stocking cap that follows in all these pictures.  I always keep my hair under wraps while getting my face done + my hair is always the last thing I do when getting ready. Ok, Kontinue.

After the eyes and brows, Carly worked on my skin using Black Opal Beauty’s Honey Hazel foundation stick to even my tone stroking it across my cheeks, t zone and chin.  Shea moisture concealer in medium was used under my eyes- which I have been using a lot lately to lift and highlight my face as of late.

Fish face to create a good contour 

I knew I wanted to implement a cool pop of color somewhere in my look since I was wearing black and suggested this purple color in one of the pallets included in bag of goodies Black Opal sent over. She brushed the shadow directly under my lash line with an angled brush.

We both LOVED the outcome. To contrast the popping purple Carly did a dark vampy lip using BOP’s Wine Not.  It’s an old favorite that I’ve been using since I started playing with lip colors. She lined the lips with Mac cosmetics Current lipliner ( a must in any makeup drawer;  I swear it makes every lippie better) before applying the lipstick.  Beauty trick:  Lining the lips and filling them in with liner helps the color last longer. You wont have to reapply as much.

BEAUTY TIP: If you’re like me and don’t like glossy lips, add a little setting powder to your lip to make it matte.   I love how it all came together. Great Thank you to Black Opal Beauty for providing the products and Huge thank you to Carly for her skill and expertise to create my winning look.

Damn the red carpet, I think I’ll try to recreate this look again and again.


List of Products Used

Eyelashes ~ Amor Us #82
Concealer ~ Shea Moisture Medium
Foundation ~ Black Opal True Color Heavenly Honey
Eye Shadow (used as liner) ~ Black Opal Color Splurge in Psychedelic Craze 
Lipstick ~ Black Opal Beauty Wine Not
Lip Liner ~ Mac Cosmetics Current

What do you think about my sultry Black Opal Beauty look created for the Soul Train Awards?