Reflective ~ Leather and Loubs

by Kéla Walker

Would you believe it if I told you these pieces from my kloset are several years old and by several I’m talking 5-7 years? Yep, I’ve had a gold jacket stashed away in the back of my kloset for all these years but it’s only now that I’m getting the confidence to wear it.  

How many times have you acquired something that you thought was so awesome only for time to pass and pass and pass and you never wear because 1. you dont know how or 2. dont have the confidence to carry it off.  Such was the case with this gold jacket.  By chance it ended up in my kloset maybe 5 years ago and at the time I wouldn’t dare to wear it.  It just wasn’t something that spoke to me, it screamed LOOK AT ME.  No thanks!  Yet, I couldn’t ret rid of it (this is quality leather I’m talking about here, umerah, you dont throw that away) Fast Forward to today and I finally have the courage to rock it ans see it in a totally different perspective than I did all those years ago.  Sometimes you have to grow into your klothes and become fashionably mature enough to wear them. Years ago I shied away from this shiny gold leather jacket but this year I’m keeping it front and center in the kloset,  ready to pull out as often as I see fit.

These Louboutins on the other hand, are even older than the jacket, at least 7 years old.   They were my very first pair and when I tell you I got my money’s worth out of these bad boys!!! Whew!!! They go with EVERYTHING and I wore them with everything.  Today, they aren’t in their best shape (hence no closeups) but I will never throw them away. They represent where I started and how much work I have put in to be where I am now.

This whole look is a reflection of where I have been and what I have grown into.  Isn’t it funny how fashion can put things into perspective like that?

Today’s Kloset Pull 

Gold Leather Jacket 5 years old ~ Replay
Jeans old ~ Zara
Necklace ~ Forever 21
Heels 7 years old ~ Christian Louboutin
Bag 1.5 years old ~ Zara