Rocker Chic ~ Ponte Dress & Studded Motorcycle Vest

by Kéla Walker

My sister was about to toss this vest from her kloset and just give it away to one of her friends or relinquish it to the trash… Umerah, not on my watch, she wasn’t. Just as soon as I scooped it out of her hand I already had a ton of looks in mind for the motorcycle vest.


Funny enough, just a few years ago my sister begged for this vest and I couldn’t understand the appeal behind it.  Fast forward to the here and now and I have to laugh at how the table has turned.
Despite vests being a big trend this season, I’ve always been a vester (one that’s into vest)  but typically I  like them on the longer side like here. Because of the hard core structure of this vest- the leather and studs- I wanted to feminize it and incorporate it into my girly style.  This dress and these strappy heels (which I pulled from the trenches of my kloset) were great compliments to it.  The silhouette of the dress allowed my feminine curves to show and the heels paralleled the vest’s rough appeal while capping off the chic appeal of the look.



What great pieces have you saved from sacrifice?

Today’s Kloset Pull

Moto Vest old ~ Hollister (Kinda Like)
Dress old ~ Zara (Kinda like)
Necklace ~ Forever 21
Shoes & Bag old ~ Zara
Lipstick  ~ Stila Fiery