Round Up The Posse for the Perfect #GirlsTrip

by Kéla Walker

By now you’re pretty much out of excuses if you haven’t seen the Girls Trip movie yet.  I mean, the film has been out for nearly two weeks now and has already been deemed a box off hit, the #1 comedy of the year, a smash sensation and all those other terms film critics use in their reviews.  Typically I don’t listen to the critics but I have to agree with them this time as  they hit the nail on the head with this one.  I saw Girls Trip on opening weekend and I’m still hollering over the scenes. Funny AF is an understatement.  You ever see a movie that feels so good and real, as if you’re living it? You don’t want to end because you feel so invested in the storyline and the characters.  THAT’s Girls Trip!! Im itching for a part two because this CANNOT be the end. I want, NO, I need more. Needless to say I’ve seen it more than once but the whole experience  got me thinking about my own girl trips- both past and future excursions.  There have been several and with another one on the horizon, I figured what better time to share my do’s and don’t’s for the perfect girls trip with your posse.

I love a good girls trip!! As far as I’m concerned, it’s the only way to travel.  This film was a great reminder of that and how important it is to take some time away, with your girls.  I’m not one of those solo travelers.  I tried, it ain’t my thing.  I like being able to have new experiences with my girls and the memories of a lifetime that they create. From my travels to NOLA, Las Vegas, Paris and destinations in between, here are my top Do’s and Don’ts for making the most of your getaway with the squad for your next girls trip.

Girls trip squad

Be smart about who you travel with. #Issavibe and you want to make sure you travel with your girls that will match that vibe. You’ll be spending a lot of time together in close proximity so make sure it’s someone you not only like but who’s company you also thoroughly enjoy.

 (A trip to the beach with my sis, 2017)


Be the Nagging Nancy, Crabby Gabi, Complaining Cathy of the trip. No one wants to deal with that friend. Chill out girlfriend- you’re on vacation. Let go and simply go with the flow

(Fun times with my girl in Paris, 2016)

Be open to new experiences. Immerse yourself in the culture. There’s something about a getaway that gives me a very YOLO kind of spirit, making me game for anything.

(With my college bestie in Morocco, 2010)


Judge your girls on the trip. It’s called a getaway, an escape from your daily life which means you can do whatever you want.   There’s no telling what you’re open to doing in a place where no one knows your name. Mums the word.  Apply that whole whatever happens in vegas stays in vegas rule to every destination

(New Year’s Eve with my girls in Vegas, 2009)


Coordinate outfits with your girls for epic pictures!  I’ve deemed one of my girls the Tina Knowles of the group.  She makes sure we are all color coordinated and “on theme” for certain locations/ destinations.  I’m not mad though. I LIVE for a good photo opp.  They create amazing images to be framed and kept as souvenirs which make the perfect memory of your girls trip.

 ( With my Great girlfriends in India, 2014)

As you can see I’ve taken some pretty amazing girl trips filled with the memories to match. Follow my tips on your next girls trip and you’re bound to create your own amazing adventure. In the interim, make sure you round up the girls and make a trip to the theatre to check out the Girls Trip movie.

What are your do’s and dont’s for a great girls trip?
Have you seen the film Girls Trip- what did you think?


This is a sponsored post however all opinions and tips are my own