Get The Lacey Label Editors And Bloggers Love For A Lot Less

by Kéla Walker

I found Self Portrait dresses on super sale. Ok, I might be embellishing a little but if you’ve been drooling over these stunning pieces like I have but not the pice tag then you’ll want to hear me out.  There’s no question how alluring the Self Portrait label is.  Take a look through any fashion magazine or super popular blog and you’ll spot the lacey numbers.  Even A-listers like Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon have been seen wearing the label.  They’re gorgeous works of art  (Yes, I’m still talking about fashion) that ooze femininity and grace with the right dash of sass and edge. I would kill to have one in my kloset but that price tag. *Insert screeching breaks*  Roughly priced at $500 Self Portrait may seem affordable compared to other high end lines but it’s still pretty steep to most. Present company included, which is why I found a couple of similar options to the Self Portrait line that everyone is raving about.  And NO they’re not from those shady online retailers that take over 20 weeks to ship from China only for it to fit like they were made for a 10 year old.

Self Portrait Dress

Can you tell which of the dresses below is the Self Portrait look for less?  They all look like designs from the label but the middle one cost significantly less  yet looks remarkably close to the line.

Compare the original Self Portrait dress on the left at $457 to the one on the right at $196 and you save more than half.  The great thing about the look for less version is that it’s still of great quality made by Donna Morgan – also a well known label

Self Portrait look for less

 This lacey black number comes in a close second ( $560 vs $199) to a very similar Self Portrait’s style .  I love these lacey alternative compared to the much loved  Self Portrait line.  I think they’ll fit quite nicely into my kloset along with the money I’ll save in my wallet.

Self Portrait look for less dress

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