Kloset Komparable ~ Lips Sweatshirt

by Kéla Walker

Whenever possible I try to offer a wardrobe suggestions aka komparable to the pieces you see me wearing in my outfit of the day post in case you want a look similar to mine. With this new series, Kloset Komparable takes things to another level comparing pieces to help you 
decide whether or not to pay more or less for looks that are pretty komparable.  It’s another way of sharing what’s in my Kloset and trends and styles we’re all krushing on.

For this first installment of Kloset Komparable it’s all about the sequined lips sweatshirt style that’s been popping up all over the fashion scene for some time now.

Kontinue for the Details and Where to Buy 

The sequins, the bold pink lip,  all on a sweatshirt/ jumper which are my new kloset krushes – it’s enough to make you want to add this kutie to the kloset.  The only real question is which Kloset Komparable would you keep?

the look for less sequin lips sweatshirt

Forever 21 Version
Marcus Lupfer Version

Which lips sweatshirt would you pick?