#StyleYourLife With Tanger Outlets and InStyle Magazine

by Kéla Walker

Recently, InStyle Magazine invited me and a few influencers to #StyleYourLife by shopping and exploring Tanger Outlets. We were given a budget and a window of time to create a look that identified with the magazine.  I’m a huge fan of InStyle so creating a look that fit with their asthetic wasn’t a big challenge for me however the budget and time restiction… well that’s where you seperate the pro’s from the amatuers.  Continue reading to see how I made out like a bandit scored a ton of great pieces and my new go to look at Tanger Outlets with InStyle.

Fashion Challenge With InStyle and Tanger Outlets #StyleYourLife

First things first, why did no one tell me about the amazingness that is Tanger Outlets?   For year I’ve been traveling long distances upstate for outlet shopping when their Deer Park location is less than an hour away from my home.  THE JOY!! There is so much to choose from and when I tell you there were deals on deals on DEALS!!!  There was so many stores to choose from- Of Saks Fifth Avenue, Last Call Neiman Marcus, BCBG, Coach, Calvin Klein, Adidas- the list goes on and on, there are hundreds.  I discovered so many great finds.  The Time Inc. team made sure we were decked out with everything we needed to take full advantage of the outlet- maps, tip sheets and coupons (which helped me immensely given my budget)

So now for the challenge of pulling together a look with the mission and vision of InStyle Magazine. I had 250 bucks and a little over two hours to complete my mission and show it off to one of the fashion editors of the publication. THE PRESSURE!    Thankfully all influencers got to phone a friend and bring them along for the mission.  I tapped my girl, Tiffany of The Werk Place who helped me identify some really dope pieces. I gotta tell you typically I preferr to shop alone (there’s no pressure of moving at someone else’s pace + if there’s only one item left we dont have to fight over it) but I do love the bond of shopping with a friend and someone who has a unique eye like Tiffany.   The inspiration is endless and despite the time restriction we made it into quite a few stores and uncovered some pretty great finds.

And this is my final look that I curated for InStyle Magazine pulling together some of the pieces I scored at Tanger Outlets…  I feel like it evokes all the key elements of the publication- fun, inspirational amd celebrity inspired. The leather skinnies (which I wore to the outlets) along with the fur hem vest and the blue suede boots; it struck me as something you would see my style crush Olivia Palermo wearing in those great streetstyle shot that flood the internet. It’s chic, stylish and effortless (which I love and live by).  There’s no where I wouldn’t wear this look to- work, dinner, girls night out, date night, brunch.  It’s easily my new go-to-look.

Shopped this Olivia Palermo inspired look at Tanger Outlets

#StyleYourLife Tanger Outlets Shopping Challenge

Here’s the run down of my look I created at Tanger Outlets:
Vest – $59 Romeo and Juliette via Saks Off Fifth
Turtleneck -$19 @saksfifth ave via @saksofffith
Blue Suede Boots – $119 Kendal and Kyle via Saks Off Fifth + 10% and 20 bucks
Sunnies- My Own (Prada) |  Leather skinny pants- My Own (Zara)

As if this look wasn’t enough I also scored some pieces from Neiman Marcus, a gorgeous lace dress that’s very Self Portrait (without the price) and a metallic pleated skirt- a trend I’m super in love with right now.  I spent the most in Saks Off Fifth because they extended our allowance by giving us a gift card to their store which is where my head to toe look is from. Sidebar: do not ignore thoose coupon books that they offer at the outlets. There are some really great discounts to be found in there.  On top of the instore savings I was able to get even more money off with the coupons. That was the real MVP of my experience and how I was able to make out so well at the outlets. Despite this being my first time at the Tanger Outlets, you can be it will most defintely not be my last.

#StyleYourLife Tanger Outlets Shopping Challenge

 What do you think about my look?
What’s your favorite outlet to shop at?
Do you think you could create a head to toe look with a limited budget or time ?


*Full Disclosure*:  This post was bought to you by  Tanger Outlets & Time Inc. in support of me and my real life shopping addiction.