The One #Shoe You Can Wear With EVERYTHING

by Kéla Walker

I’m the last one to scale back on shoes but if you only buy one pair of shoes in preparation for those warmer days these simple sandals are it.  Sure they’re basic but that simplicity is what makes them so essential.  Absolutely every girl should have a pair in their style arsenals.

Kontinue reading to see why these simple nude sandals are a kloset keeper.

Sandal season is near or if your anything like me and believe once the snow melts and temps rise above 40, it’s already here. These simple nude sandals are the ANWSER to that constant style question- “what shoe should I wear with this ___ ” (insert any random creative outfit). These nude sandals walk that fine line between simplicity and plainness and work with absolutely any and every look or trend you can think of.

Prints and patterns
Black and white
White on White
Bold and colorful
Denim on denim
Prints on Prints

You name it, these heels work with it. The barely there style lays the ground work for a great look and creates an allusion of a long and lean leg, elongating your frame. Don’t believe me, just take a look at Kim Kardashian.

Clearly these simple nude sandals are a staple in her kloset.  Hers are probably ridiculously priced  but these Steve Madden pair, are great quality and they’re easy on the wallet. Really, I would buy them in both black and nude but either way, you can’t go wrong.  Get them here and expect to see them a lot here on Kéla’s Kloset.

What do you think, are these simple nude sandals a must have in the closet?