Skirt and Sweats to the Max

by Kéla Walker

I love how a couple of simple changes to one look can create a completely different one to help maximize your wardrobe

A few post ago, I wore this same look but quite differently -wearing the skirt shorter and with over the knee boots. Fast Forward to this post and I simple switched out the boots for my metallic heels and wore the skirt which btw is actually a dress at it’s actual length.  I also swapped the necklaces.  The foundation of the outfit- the dress as a skirt and sweatshirt-  are  the same but the accessories and styling make it all so different.

It’s yet another way to maximize your wardrobe and get the most out of your style

Today’s Kloset Pull  (SEE OTHER LOOK HERE)

Sweatshirt ~ Forever 21| Dress worn as Skirt ~ Zara | Heels ~ Zara | Necklace ~ Forever 21

Get the Look in Your Kloset 

How do you maximize your wardrobe?