Singing in the Rain ~ Bright Yellow Blazer & Fashionable Accessories

by Kéla Walker

Typically rainy days drown out your sense of style with many of us sacrificing fashion just to stay dry and comfortable.  On days like this, I like to think of brighter days and try to reflect that in my clothes.

This neon yellow blazer is my break out piece for days when I need a pick-me-up like dreary rain days.  I can’t help but smile and be uplifted by the bright bold color.  To combat the gloom of rainy days I subscribe to a few tactics to keep me in high spirits:

-Wear bright kolors
-Rock a dress, I rather dry my legs than wait all day for my pants to dry
– Wear light weight pants;  they dry faster. Think cargos and skinny pants versus denim and wool.
-Accessorize with fun fashionable accessories like this print umbrella

 Also a kloset klue for you, rainy days are the perfect time to stretch out a pair of too tight shoes, especially leather ones. Walking around in tight shoes in the water will stretch them and pinpoint the areas where they need it most. Spray them with a protectant and wear them during the heavy downpour.   It beats dropping them off  at the shoe repair .   



How do you combat the rain?

 Today’s Kloset Pull

Blazer & Scarf  last year ~ H&M (Komparable)
Skinny Cargo Pants old ~ Uniqlo (Komparable)
Shoes last year ~ Aldo (Komparable)
Bag & Umbrella ~ Diane von Furstenberg
Watch ~ Michelle | Bracelets ~ Assorted | Ring ~ via TJ Maxx