Steal A Moment with fruitwater

by Kéla Walker

Recently, 1 Oak, typically known for its turn-up scene, nicely turned down, encouraging guests to #stealamoment at POPSUGAR’s Seriously Distracted launch party, presented by fruitwater.


At the event, fruitwater put themselves to the task of finding out how people set aside time to relax, laugh and simply get in some “me time” with the sparkly, flavorful drink. Continue for more and a $1,000 giveaway. 

I love to #stealamoment with a great drink so this event was right up my alley. I was pleasantly surprised by the alcoholic beverages crafted for the event with fruitwater. WHO KNEW? My favorite flavor, with or without the alcohol kick, black raspberry and fizzy lemonade.

It was a really great time with an eclectic, lively crowd with people from all walks of life taking the time to #stealamoment. It actually got me to thinking about how I take time for myself in my daily activities…

For one, on the subway. I know it sounds strange but it’s one of the best places to unplug from everything.  There’s no cell service with incoming emails, text, tweets and etc. I can just be in my thoughts without any interruption (minus the typical subway entertainment). My commute time is when I get to enjoy simple things like a book or a new playlist and simply reflect on things.  It’s also where some of my best ideas come to fruition.


Another way I like to #stealamoment is with TV. Completely tuning out and tuning into a television show whether on the tube or online. As if on cue, POPSUGAR created a show- Seriously Distracted- that plays on the quirks of pop culture while encouraging women to steal more moments. It’s laugh out loud funny. They are shorts, roughly 5 minutes long. Needless to say I zoned out and watched four of them in one sitting- stealing quite a few moments. Serious Distracted airs Tuesdays on POPSUGAR but you can check out the first episode here. I swear you will want to catch the next one and the one after that.

Tune in Tuesdays on POPSUGAR to watch the show

But enough about me, how do you take time to #stealamoment during your day to day life?

Share how you #stealamoment and you could win a $1K prize. Follow fruitwater on Instagram at @fruitwaterbev and post a picture of your “me time” and include the hashtags #stealamomentsweeps AND #fruitwater in your Instagram submissions for a chance at the $1k prize.


This post was sponsored by fruitwater through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about fruitwater, all opinions are my own.