When Style Bloggers Inspire Style Bloggers

by Kéla Walker

 People always ask me where I draw my inspiration from for my style. My mom is quick to tell anyone it came from her.  While she definitely birthed my style I draw inspiration from lots of places – the street, magazines , television and even other style bloggers.

 Such is the case for today’s style post inspired by my fellow style blogger Rochelle of I Am Beauty Curve. I was immediately drawn to this look when I saw it on her instagram.  I love her style. I’d double tap that any time.  Lol.  I like to think we have similar style which might explain why I adore her.  That and she’s so darn kute- like this outfit which is really chic and effortless. I immediately did a screen shot when I saw it to recreate one day in my work week.

Anytime I spy a look I adore, I break it down and think about how I can recreate it with pieces I already have in my Kloset. In this case it’s a pussy bow blouse / bold print blazer / black pants and heels. It just so happens that I owned the exact separates Rochelle did, making it incredibly easy to swagger jack her.

Sometimes you just need a friendly reminder of what you have and different ways to wear it.  I’d like to add that if the style bloggers you follow don’t inspire you style wise to to try something new in your kloset and with your style you might want to revisit your lineup.

Thanks for the inspiration Rochelle!

Today’s Kloset Pull

Coat, Pants & Blouse ~ Forever 21 |  Blazer ~ Zara |
Heels ~ DKNY | Purse ~ Rebecca Minkoff