Style Klinic ~ Olivia Pope Fashion & Style

by Kéla Walker

Every week after maneuvering the several plot twists and turns from the ridiculously addictive series Scandal , who of us isn’t left in a daze over Olivia Pope’s strong suit of amazing style, wondering
“Where did she get that?”

Scandal photo

Olivia Pope's style, white jacket

Practically everyone I know was tuned into Scandal this past Thursday evening. From Olivia’s intense interaction with her “boyfriend” to the President’s coverup and the release of Huck, this week’s episode featured all the scandal and power style viewers have come to expect from the hit series.
While everyone was drooling over the white jacket Olivia wore through most of the episode- designed by Belgian designer Ann Demeulmeester (here in Black)-  I was intrigued by her OFF DUTY style.


 Rarely do we see Olivia in casual clothes and in this case denim (or what appears to be).  Initially, I wasn’t phased but then I saw the full ensemble;  the textured 3 /4 sleeves coat paired with the opera gloves and complimenting accessories-  It was perfection.
Solid proof that even when  she’s not on the clock, Olivia is off duty chic.

Kerry’s coat looks like Piazza SempioneFunnel-Neck Tweed Coat which runs more than $1000. Her boots scream Marni with the tall platform detail.  They also come with a hefty price tag and you can bet her sweater is of crafted of quality cashmere. Read $$$. That classic purse of her’s is none other than the Prada Saffiano Tote Bag- a $2,000 purchase. With a look like this you can bet that those butter soft leather gloves definitely didn’t come cheap. Olivia Pope may have spent top dollars for this look but

Here’s how you can get the look for less:


Scandal: Olivia Pope's Style