5 Fail Proof Style Tips for a Cute AND Comfy Concert Look

by Kéla Walker

The last thing I want at a concert is to feel uncomfortable or restricted in clothing choice which is why this little number was the perfect look for the Prince concert I attend a couple weeks ago.  Continue for my fail proof  style tips on what to wear to concerts and festivals

what to wear to concerts and festivals

Before I go on I just want to remind you all this is a judge free zone because there should be no judgement or ill feelings towards me when I tell you I’m not really a Prince fan.  I Know. I KNOW.  Don’t get me wrong, I respect the artist & regard him as the legendary icon he is but I’m IDK, I’m just not gaga over him.   However that that doesn’t mean I would pass up the opportunity to see the legend in person. Fan or not there’s no denying he’s pretty amazing.  I mean they made the  superdome purple in his honor. He also requested concert goers wear purple but clearly I missed that memo. After being up since 6am shooting a promo and working the Essence  Fashion Closet the last thing I wanted to do was change into some purple Prince approved attire. Plus I never understood getting all decked out and heeled up for a concert, anyway.  I think  you should go to concerts casually kute and comfortable so that you can rock out as hard as possible.

trying to figure out what to wear to concerts and festivals- try a bold lip and statement necklace

What to wear to concerts and festivals

Style Tips for Attending A Concert/ Festival:

DO Avoid heels- You should be up on your feet dancing and having a good time at concerts, not sitting and complaining about how much your feet hurt so wear comfy BUT KUTE shoes.
DON’T Be So Restricted- wear loose and comfortable clothing that allows room for movement
DO Minimize Your Load- the last thing I want to be is loaded down with a bag or worrying about watching my stuff so try a look with pockets or a cross body bag
DO Go Bold- While your look may be comfortable and semi casual, it should be anything but boring; add a fierce pop of color on those eyes or lips or hell, even both
DO Wear Statement Jewelry - Jeans & T-shirt are fine concert attire but to make things cuter, add a great necklace, earrings or arm piece for a little more flare to your comfy look.

I was a little geeks for the Prince Concert

Ok so I was a little geeked to see Prince in concert. IT’S PRINCE!
He walked on stage in all of his amazingness, informing the audeince the  he would party thought the  night with 14 straight hits. Not a lot of artist can boast such a catalogue. Off the back he sang a few of my like-able (favorite is a strong world) song – Doves Cry, and a couple others I can’t remember. Fan or not it was definitely a night to remember and one I’m grateful to have been a part of.  Now Prince can join my list of reigning legends ( with Liza Minelli, Diana Ross, Patti Labelle & a few others)  that I’ve seen in concert.


My Concert Kloset Pull

Shirt (on sale NOW) & Skirt ℅ Oasis-Who BTW has a great line up of matching Co-Ords |
| Shoes old ~ Zara (comparable) |Necklace ~via Century 21 Dept Str | Bracelets ~ Hermes | Watch ~ Diesel | Lipstick ~ Magnolia Makeup VaVa Voom

What do you think of my style tips on what to wear to concerts and festivals? Do you have any to add?