LISTEN. You Need To Get A Summer Theme Song NOW

by Kéla Walker

Hey Kuties.  How is everyone’s summer going? Mine has been pretty busy and all over the place with the best theme song ever fueling me along the way.

Here I am again apologizing for the lack of post.  Look, I’m trying to phuck the summer up and there’s little time to document things when you’re out here living your best life, doing any and every thing your heart desires. Now, THAT, I can’t apologize for that.

My sister put me onto this awesome track a few weeks ago on my birthday (awe damn, I owe y’all those posts too. Adding it to the draft list NOW). “F**K the summer up”   It’s since them become my summer theme song.   She randomly played it and I instantly fell in love with the beat and the hook.  It’s SICK.  I have no idea what the artist is talking about per se- it’s very explicit so don’t hold me accountable if it’s something crazy but that hook… LISTEN.  It’s EVERYTHING and so infectious. My snapchat krew has known about it since day one and even they are hooked.  You can’t help but want to get up and out and have fun listening to this track.  It’s motivating me to live it up to the fullest.  I’ve been accepting practically every invite that comes through my inbox, filling up on memories and experiences to last me once Winter rears it’s ugly head. Mind you, I’m tired as phuck but I’ll sleep when it’s cold out.

The song kicks off with ” Im not saying it’s my summer but Imma phuck the summer up.” My sentiments, exactly though I think I might be having the best summer EVER and that it actually might be my summer.   From Los Angeles and NOLA to my Birthday,  All White Affairs , rooftop hangouts and rolling through these streets with my woes  and so much more,  I crossed a few things off my bucket list and making this summer pretty damn dope.  Mind you, it aint even done yet, I got so much more to do.  I promise, it’s all going to make for great content on the site, at some point.

In the interim of my trying to be a better blogger, follow me on Instagram and all forms of social media where I post more frequently and you can see how trying to phuck the summer up.  Oh, and  get yourself a summer theme song but don’t try and steal mine- IT’S TAKEN!

 Today’s Kloset Pull

Dress  & Shoes ~ Forever 21 | Hat ~ Target ( Mens Section) Purse ~ Monika Chiang

Get the Look In Your Kloset 

And Watch My Summer Theme Song Below
(Remember it’s mine so don’t try and steal it, lol)

What do you think of my summer theme song? Do you have a theme song for anything in life?