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Most Beautiful & Most Influential

April 24, 2014  |  3 comments

It’s a Black Girl domination as Lupita Nyong’o and Beyoncé are named 2014 Most Beautiful & Most Influential people in the World.  *Squeal* While Liputa Nyong’o lands the cover of People magazine as “Most Beautiful”,  Beyoncé is perched right beside her on the same newsstand covering Time Magazine’s 100 issue as “Most Influential”. No offense […]

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Kloset Krush ~ Beyoncé Sweatshirts

January 13, 2014  |  3 comments

OMG how great are these Beyoncé sweatshirts!!! First the album and now this. The Beyoncé album is filled with quite a few colorful moments and quotables for days, not to mention a long list of style tips from the videos. Pick any track from the Beyoncé album and chances are the title and/or lyrics have become a […]

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Kloset Komparable ~ Yonce’s Style

December 22, 2013  |  leave a comment

Just when you thought Queen Bey reigned over Sasha Fierce, Younce pops up and is all on our mouths like liquor. lol- I couldn’t resisit.  Kontinue to get the DNA of Yonce and how to get Beyonce’s style from the Yonce video  

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