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5 Pieces :: 1 Week’s Wardrobe ~ Double Duty Dress

April 25, 2013  |  5 comments

Day 4 in this week’s series might be my favorite.  Monday’s dress pulls double duty worked as a skirt to maximize the wardrobe.  

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5 Pieces :: 1 Week’s Wardrobe ~ Mix-n-Match Style

April 24, 2013  |  4 comments

Now this is when the ride gets a little tricky and mix-n-match style comes into play. Kontinue to see how to mix-match style 

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5 Pieces :: 1 Week’s Wardrobe ~ Snow Cat Print & Skinny Pants

April 23, 2013  |  5 comments

Day 2 of this week theme of making the most out of a few thing in your kloset continues to keep it simple with the snow cat print blouse and the skinny pants.   Kontine to see how it black up this black and white ensemble with a few pops of kolor.

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5 Pieces :: 1 Week’s Wardrobe ~ The Dress & The Vest

April 22, 2013  |  5 comments

  Happy Monday Kuties.  Today is the first day in a week long series using  just 5 pieces to create 1 week’s wardrobe.  I’m starting off with items 3  and 4 – The Vest and the Dress.  Some people find styling a vest to be a little tricky but it’s really quite simple.  This vest is one […]

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Maximize Your Style ~ 5 Pieces :: 5 Different Looks

April 21, 2013  |  leave a comment

 Maximize Your Style… It doesn’t take a lot to do a lot. All this week on on the site, I’ll show you how you can maximize your style and kreate a full week’s wardrobe with just 5 pieces.  This series is inspired by the fact that most women only shop 20 % of their wardrobe […]


Maximize ~ Halter Maxi Dress

July 6, 2012  |  6 comments

I’m in a Costa Rica state of mind.  I’m off to the South American destination later next week but already I’m mentally there and this colorful halter maxi dress says so.

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Go Red

February 3, 2012  |  leave a comment

February 6 is National Go Red Day for Women’s Heart Health Awareness.  

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