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How To Dress Dope Like The #DOPEmovie Cast

June 5, 2015  |  leave a comment

I already told you how dope the movie “Dope” is but can we take a minute to talk about the film’s fashion and style. Once again it’s art imitating life and a testimony to what’s goes around comes back around again. Dope takes place in present day but the 90’s play a big part in the film. […]

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You Have To See This #DOPEMovie. NO, Really. It’s DOPE

June 3, 2015  |  leave a comment

Have you heard about the “Dope” movie? Let me just go ahead and tell you right now it’s so appropriately titled because the film is actually really dope!! I got an advance look at the flick and it’s everything everyone has been raving about- it was an audience favorite at the Sundance Film Festival. It’s […]

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