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Take A Break From Your Basic Mani With These Magical Nails

November 15, 2016  |  5 comments

Have you noticed the new chrome nail trend that’s all the craze lately?  I tried the trend for the first time a few weeks and I’m utterly obsessed.  No exaggeration it’s like a magical manicure that I can’t get enough of.Typically I stick with your standard manicure – whites and brights in the summer and darks […]


[VIDEO] You’ll Swoon Over These Eye Catching Designs #CNDatFashionWeek

February 17, 2016  |  leave a comment

For most people, nails are an after thought but for the CND Nail team they take center stag .  To see them in action is jaw dropping.  Anybody can do nails, but what CND does is pure genius- it’s couture for fingertips.  They are the best in the business. Hands down, there is no competition. […]

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An LBD For Your Nails

October 22, 2015  |  1 comment

 Here is yet another look from my collaboration with Jamberry Nails.  Clearly I had the Most fun playing with these nails and incorporating them into my style.

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Chic DIY Nail Design with @Jamberry

October 15, 2015  |  leave a comment

Hey Kuties. Check out my second look in my collaboration with Jamberry nails. I’m super excited about this chic nail look , specifically because I created it myself.  Note: Im so not the DIY type but trust me when I tell you this nail design is super easy to do not to mention it’s so strikingly chic.

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Try New Fashion Goals To Advance Your Style For Fall

October 7, 2015  |  leave a comment

With the change of the season comes a change of style and new fashion goals.  That’s especially true for Fall which feels like the equivalent to the new year in fashion. For some the season means completely reinventing their style or getting a new wardrobe while for others it’s about making small changes here and there […]

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