Inside the House of DvF

by Kéla Walker

How many of you watched the new House of DvF reality tv show. I’m so excited about it.  I’m a long time fan of the designer and just watching the girls enter her studio took me back to my visit to her exhibit in LA this past Spring. I meant to share these pictures then but of course failed to do so, so I figured now is as good a time as any with the new show starting .  Celebrating 40 years of the wrap dress, the Journey of the Dress exhibit was the epitome  of the House of DvF.

Kontinue to step into the House of DvF and go on the joureny of the wrap dress.

The Journey of the Dress exhibit wrapped in LA earlier this year but before it closed I got to take in the beauty of the all. When it first opened I remember thinking  I would never be able to see it since it was hosted on the West coast but an overnight trip to California changed that.

OMG! It was EVERYTHING.  I remember stepping in and being completely enamored by the greatness of DvF. The whole space- floor to ceiling was filled with Diane’s signature prints and patterns.  Any fan would tell you it GORGEOUS.   What should have took 30  minutes to experience ended up taking me nearly 2 hours because I took every inch of the exhibit in to detailed observation. At the Center of it all were the signature wrap dress which were displayed in five thematic schemes –   Black and White, Felinity, Nature, Pop and Geometric.   The whole thing was pretty print- tastic.

No lie, I remember sitting there thinking it was one of the most amazing things ever. Diane’s eye for designer and print mixing… It’s genius.  No one makes prints like her.  NO ONE.  It’s part of what makes her designs so iconic.  I remember being the exhibit and not wanting to leaving, just taking a seat and being idle.   It sounds silly but it was a moment that I wanted to last.

If you own a DvF wrap dress you already know they are pretty effortless.  They’re so stylish and work for pretty much any function, taking you from desk to dinner with ease.  They are universally flattering and work for literally every body type.  Being the DvF fan that I am,  of course have a collection of her dresses- 30 and counted.   It was pretty exciting to see a couple of dresses that I own included in the exhibit. I was like a kid in the candy store when I spotted a few of them amongst the display.  It’s a pretty awesome to own pieces that are museum quality.

The Journey of the Dress exhibit wasn’t just full of dress but also included great photographs of notable wearing wrap dresses through it’s 40 year history (Jackie O, Michelle Obama, Oprah) in additional to  personal works of art from Diane’s own collection and portraits from her younger years.

More of the exhibit.

Needless to say I loved being inside the House of DvF  ( or at least what felt like her house) and will be tuning into the series. Watching the show kind of takes me back to the exhibit and just continues to remind me why I’m huge fan of the woman and her clothes.

Kloset Pull

Dress & Shoes ~ Target ( First seen Here)

Are you a DvF fan? Will you be watching the House of DvF?