The Kiki ~ About Last Night Screening

by Kéla Walker

It’s time for yet another Valentines Day to descend upon us. I will be pole dancing with a few of my single girlfriends (no I won’t be sharing pictures, or maybe, IDK check my IG)  but if you are still looking for plans for the big V DAY may I suggest the film About Last Night.  I got to see the film recently on a “Girls Night Out” with Hello Beautiful and Iman Cosmetics and I gotta say whether you are single or taken, this movie is a go-see.

Kontinue for more on my Girls Night Out for About Last Night

 You know I love a good rom com movie ,right! So I was pretty excited for a “Girls Night Out” with Hello Beautiful and Iman Cosmetics who hosted a a special screening of the film About Last Night. Held at the Regal Union Square Theatre, the evening was like a pre-fashion week meet up with all the style and beauty girls in attendance- Peep my beauty boo Ty Alexander of Gorgeous in Grey hosting the Hello Beautiful video below.  Before checking out the film, guests were treated to beauty bar with Iman Cosmetics – the official cosmetic sponsor of About Last Night, and tried on lip colors created for the film’s stars and their characters – Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy (I’m sure they didn’t wear the colors)  Regina Hall and Joy Bryant.  I didn’t get to try any of the colors but from what I can see in this video AND the film, they look pretty nice.


While I love getting an advance look at films I hate that I can’t chat about them with anyone.  No Spoiler Alerts here but I will say this is my second Kevin Hart movie this month (he’s on a role)  so I don’t have to tell you how funny he is in this film but you just might be surprised by Regina Hall who matches his funny in the film. And Michael Ealy!!! Well, lets just say he gives great eye candy for the film- I should know having met him in person.  I wonder if it’s in his movie contracts to have at least one scene without a shirt one.  Whatever, I’ll take it.

BTW, I had no idea the film was a remake of the 1986 film with Demi Moore and Rob Lowe.  Did you?  At any rate, I adored this film.  It was super kute and fun, showing just how kooky and magical dating can SOMETIMES be.

What are your Valentine’s Day plan? Will you head to the movies for About Last Night?
If you happen to take me up on my suggestion and see the film, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

Happy Valentine’s Day Kuties!