Don’t Give Up Your Power and Influence. GO VOTE #BlackWomenVote

by Kéla Walker

#BlackWomenVote yet people are expecting us and a lrge majority of African Americans to skip the election this year.  At least that’s what they’re reporting on all the political outlets.  It’s our job, hell it’s our duty to show up and out at the polls to prove them wrong.  Just two days before the elcction I  got to moderate a non-partisan discussion with a few amazing women highlighting the importance of our voting power and the influence that happens when #BlackWomenVote

Black Women Vote Brunch`

Today, our country will decide who our next President will be and the leaders that will represent us from the school board to Congress.  Over the last week there has been talk and some articles (New York Times, PoliticoNewsweek) stating that the black voter turnout is low in early voting states and that black women are not coming out in the same force as they did  in 2008 and 2012. Shoutout to The Root’s response article entitled, The Myth of Low Black Voter Turnout.


Those articles are why its necessary to have discussion like the one I had two days before the election when I got to attend a special Sunday Brunch and host a Facebook Live conversation with Higher Heights and BET Network’s Get Out The Vote. The living room style brunch highlighted the voting power of Black women and our influence leading up to and beyond Election Day 2016. The conversation included some pretty amazing women – Erika F. Washington (Nevada State Director, Make It Work,  A’shanti Gholar (Political Director, Emerge America), Glynda Carr (Co-Founder, Higher Heights for America),  Alencia Johnson (Director of Constituency Communications, Planned Parenthood Action Fund).  Over mimosas and more we discussed what we as Black women need to do to in order to show up and show out this election to ensure that our voices and votes matter. The 2016 election results will be determined in large part by the turnout rates among Black women.

#BlackWomenVote Brunch discussion

You can watch the full video stream here as it chalked full of information that that we all need to know for election day and beyond.

More than anything lets get out there and prove the naysayers wrong and VOTE!!!!

Are you going out to vote?
Why do you believe it’s important to vote?