This is How I Rock ~ Sequins Top & High Waisted Jeans

by Kéla Walker

Not only do I think actress and witty woman Tracee Ellis Ross is my bff-in my head-but I also have one of the biggest kloset krushes on her. Her style is perfect in every way and the inspiration for today’s look


As you know, I covered the 2012 Black Girls Rock show a few weeks ago which was hosted by my girlfriend Tracee Ellis Ross along with my other good friend (again, in my head)  Regina King.  Throughout the night there were several wardrobe changes by the two of them but it was Tracee’s final look that struck a cord in me.  It was gorgeous. It was simple. It was glamourous, kasual, feminine and chic all at the damn time.  It was one of the many reason why I have a kloset krush on her and love her style.  She wore a vintage beaded/ sequin top from the kloset of her equally fabulous mother Diana Ross and a pair of high waisted jean. It was an effortlessly chic and  perfectly executed. In the moment that i saw her  I had a eureka moment for this vintage blouse that I also got from my mom’s kloset years ago. I’ve only worn it once, years ago, but recently I pulled it out again with the desire to wear it but I lacked the vision for it and a reason to wear it.  As soon as I saw Tracee and how she applied the same tips I suggest for wearing sequins it was all so clear.

Thanks Tracee, yet again for coming through, girlfriend.   Check out Tracee’s suggestions for getting the look
Have you been inspires by a style star recently? Who do you have a style kloset krush on?

Today’s Kloset Pull

Jacket & Jeans old ~ Zara
Fur vest ~ From Italy
Blouse ~ Vintage (komparable)
Clutch ~ Vintage ( from my Grandma’s Kloset)
Boots ~ Tory Burch
Lipstick ~ Wine Not, Black Opal