Kloset Komparable ~ Tibi White Full Midi Skirt

by Kéla Walker

Full midi skirts are all the rage these days.  I should know, having amassed quite a collection of them.  This sheer white full midi skirt popped up quite a few times during NYFW and is sure to be hot for the season ahead.   The breezy midi would look cute with a crop top or silk cami and work perfectly with the pastel trend. It’s a bright compliment to any wardrobe. With so many versions of this sheer white full midi skirt on the market, here is a great look for less that’s quite komparable to a designer version.

Kontinue for the details on this white full midi skirt

I’m not a big fan of white but I do adore this  sheer white full midi skirt and have  been contemplating purchasing it myself.  It would look super kute in  my kloset. What say you?

Which sheer white full midi skirt would you add to your kloset?

TiBi at $398
Asos at $71