An Evening at Tiffiany’s

by Kéla Walker

Thursday night I had the pleasure of covering the exclusive Tiffany’s Blue Book event. Hosted at the Guggenheim Museum the annual event highlights the company’s new line up of designer jewels. It was the premiere event of NYC on Thursday evening, flooded with a who’s who of fashion and Hollywood including Genevieve Jones, Hillary Rhoda, Kate Bosworth, Katie Holmes & Jessica Biel who by the way is pretty effing amazing.

 Kontine to read about my exchange with these Hollywood sweethearts and why I’ll remember an evening with Tiffany’s forever.

On nights like tonight (when dozens of people are walking the carpet) Jessica Biel is a reporter’s dream.  She provides all the right soundbites and drops all the key words you want to hear. Stars like that make my job so much easier. I’ve interviewed her a couple of times and she always so pleasant. Katie Holmes is another one. This time around she made my day, night and even year. Heck, I think she just rose to the top of my all time favorites interview list.

Here’s what happened: Katie was one of the three big A-listers wearing jewels from the special Tiffany blue book – specially an ornate diamond cuff and a 27 carrot sapphire and diamond ring. When I interviewed her about the jewels, she insisted I try them on. Like really. We went back and forth for about 30 seconds- that’s enough for 3 no’s- before I gave in. WHO DOES THAT? What celebrity insist that you try on their security detailed ginormous 27 caret jewels. Katie Holmes that who and I will forever love her for it.

Katie also shared that she purchases the Balenciaga dress she was wearing straight off the rack. Can you believe the ex wife of TOM Cruise, mother of Siri Cruise, who could easily call up any designer of her desire to rush over a dress for free purchased her dress off rack AND at the suggestion of the sales person?  I mean really,it doesn’t get any cooler that her. Katie, you got a fan in me for life.


I love how Kate worked a bold orange lip with her pale pink gown. You wouldn’t think that they two work together but they so do. I told you orange was the new lippie

After I interviewed them, my night was wrapped. I hardly ever, if ever stick around for an event after working it. I know I know. Another thing I hardly do is work a red carpet in heels (save for the Met Gala).  I always switch out for my Kute an comfy flats.  They blend in perfectly with all the pretty heels but they’re much more comfortable + it  really makes more sense when you are standing around waiting to interview people all night.  Get the deets on my look and shop it for your kloset.


 Needless to say it was a fun night at Tiffany’s