Dress Shirt

by Kéla Walker

I know we have been talking about Fall fashion a lot lately but I just couldn’t help myself with this bold and colorful look that’s anything but Fall ready. If it at all looks familiar, it should. The top is actually a dress I wore a few weeks ago.

Wear dress as a top

Maximize your Kloset & Turn your dress into a Top

I know we are all in Fall prep mode but the truth of the matter is Summer IS NOT OVER yet and I have all intentions on working my wardrobe until the very end. Actually now is the perfect time to get in all those last minute summer wears or anything you’ve been intending to wear but have failed to do so for whatever reason. Such is the case with this dress that I’ve been wanting to repurpose and wear with this skirt for a really long time.  Wearing your dress as a top… it’s a style trick Atlantic Pacific’s Blaire is known for and one that I’ve been doing for years with my shift dresses.  Rethinking your wardrobe like this is one of the best ways to maximize your kloset and it’s also a great way to transition into Fall ( since that’s where we are all headed any way). The old wear a dress as a top trick is super easy to do… Simply layer your skirt over your dress and Voila.  In the case that your dress is longer than the skirt ( like this one, see the last picture), simply tuck it or fold it under  for the shirt/top effect.

how to wear a mini skirt

Bold and color looks

colors and prints together


There is also the option of not tucking the dress at all and wearing the skirt as a peplum over it.

Today’s Kloset Pull

Dress ~ Ivy & Blu (also worn here) (komparable) | Skirt (also worn here) (komparable)  Bag ~ Joe Fresh |
Shoes old ~ Zara (komparable)

What do you think about the way I maximized my kloset today?
Have you tried repurposing anything in your kloset like I did with this dress top?