Try New Fashion Goals To Advance Your Style For Fall

by Kéla Walker

With the change of the season comes a change of style and new fashion goals.  That’s especially true for Fall which feels like the equivalent to the new year in fashion. For some the season means completely reinventing their style or getting a new wardrobe while for others it’s about making small changes here and there to their exiting style. Either way, the season brings new fashion goals and I have a few of my own to accomplish this season.

My style is pretty definitive but in order to keep things fresh and modern I like to mix things up.  Here are the three fashion goals I’m focused on this season

1- Get More Creative with My Nails
I do the same old thing when it comes to my manicures.  I play with color but I stay away from designs.  That is until a recent collaboration encouraged me get more creative with my nails.  Now I’m all into my nails as an accessory and have a new fashion goal to be more creative with my nails.  This fashion goal takes a lot more time than the standard manicure but I’m really digging it not to mention the compliments that come with it.   We’re only a few weeks into fall but I think this is one fashion goal I’m hoping to keep up.

2- Add Variety To My Jewelry
Speaking of accessories,  I wear the same jewelry every day.  Specifically my earrings.  I never change them. Like never, ever. I wear the exact same emerald green Judith Ripka  stud earrings every single day. I sleep in them, shower in them, I never take them off. They work seamlessly with everything I wear but that can get a little boring.  I tried a few new looks during NYFW week and I have to admit, I liked the change. It’s a little tedious but I liked playing with different styles to match my style. Im already back to wear my studs but Im I’m hoping try this at least one a week.

Left to right Bauble Bar and H&M

Earrings I’d love to try

3- Collect More Graphic Tee’s
I got a lot of stuff in my closet but graphic t-shirts are the one thing missing. I want to increase my collection so I can try more of those effortless, off duty model looks, all the cool girls wear. I’m loving the way you can dress them up with suits and leather skirts – look for that look here soon.  I started with this one tee which I LOVE.  I can’t wait to find others that fit my style profile like this one.

Here are a few graphic tee’s that I’m eyeing

What do you think of my fashion goals? do you have any new fashion goals for the fall?