Metallic Shoes Too Cheap & Chic Not To Try

by Kéla Walker

I’m trying on the metallic shoe trend for size with these these shinny new babies that I just added to the kloset.  Can you say “Happy feet!” Lord knows I don’t need  any more shoes but these were just too kute and shinny to resist not to mention the price was oh so right. The gold ones were on super sale for $12 bucks. Like I said the price was RIGHT. Kontinue to see where I purchased them-  a place I wouldn’t typically buy shoes from  (I’m more of a quality over quantity kinda girl)  but because the metallic shoe trend is not something I want to invest a lot in, I figured why not give them a run. At the very least they’ll add sparkle and shine to an outfit or two, not to mention make for some uber kute photos.

Copy the Look in Your Kloset

 These metallic shoes were too cheap and chic not to try. If you’re going to try the trend, the is the way to go.  Look for them in a style post ASAP.

Copy the Look in Your Kloset