Get the Valentino Look for Less

by Kéla Walker

IF you love this Valentino print mini dress THEN you will love this look for less version.

 Kontine for the deets on this Valentino look for less  

What’s not to love about this pink and red Valentino print dress? Really nothing except the price. Last I checked it was $8,000 on Net-a-Porter. WOW. That’s a lot for a dress that you’re not walking down the isle in. This look for less version has the same color and print combo that makes the Valentino dress so alurring but for a lot less. Sure, it’s not the same cut but considering you save over $7,000, I think it’s a no brainer.

 If you do decide to get the Valentino Look for less dress Wear it now with a turtleneck and tights and also later in the summer, as is.