The Beauty Behind Strength Of Nature in Jamaica

by Kéla Walker

Instagram told all my business this past weekend with my visit to Jamaica with Strength of Nature. To say it was great to get out of NYC for a few days is an understatement.   Myself and 20+ bloggers and editors were swept away on a getaway to Jamaica that can be described as nothing less than EVERYTHING.

I don’t even want to talk about what a disaster it was getting there.  Lets just say what was suppose to be a 3 hour flight turned into the 8 hour hiccup. UGH but I MADE IT and that’s really all that matters so lets just fast forward to Day One on my visit to Jamaica with Strength of Nature.

Home for the Weekend was at the beautiful Royalton White Sands Hotel.

We Headed out to start the day at pleasant outdoor breakfast with all the of blogger and editors that included ladies from Ebony, Essence, Juicy Madame Noire and several other outlets.

With Brande of ADORE HER

Editors and Bloggers enjoying breakfast outside

After breakfast we headed inside to chat all things hair and beauty with Strength of Nature’s  Global Marketing Director Charlene Dance (who hosted the fab weekend) along with natural hairstylist Felicia Leatherwood and Pamela Hogan


Naturalista or Not as I am not, the talk was really was an informative discussion.  Charlene provided some insight to the Strength of Nature products and brands which just acquire 4 new lines under their realm- Elastic QP, Soft & Beautiful, Soft & Beautiful Botanicals and Pro Line (their first line solely dedicated to the fellas).

While styling the models Felicia and Pamela shared some good tips and fact every kutie should know for great style that starts at the root.

1- Hair is suppose to shed around 80 strands of hair every day. So don’t panic if you see a clump of hair after taking out a weave or braids- you’re long overdue to let some of that hair go.

2- Don’t apply products to the root or scalp, it clogs your pores.  Idk about you but I’m so guilty of this. My scalp is the first place I go for when applying product. Instead apply products like pudding and creams to the hair starting an inch from the scalp. This application process won’t clog roots and in turn will help hair grow.

Attendee getting a consultation and Janeé of getting her hair styled

3. It’s possible to restore moisture to your hair but you have to take care of it.  Felicia provided a great at home treatment to help. In a spray bottle with water mix 4 tablespoons of a leave-in conditioner  like Beautiful Textures Tangle Taming Leave in Conditioner  and 2 tablespoons of oil (I LOVE this stuff – Soft & Beautiful Olive Oil). Shake and spray the home remedy on your hair and sleep in it overnight to wake up to soft and moisturized hair.


4-Depending on your hair type- coarse, kinky, curly-  simply applying a styling cream is not enough. After you apply a styling product like the  whipped butter cream, finish the look off with a little oil- NOT TOO MUCH- just a couple of drops rubbed together in your hand and smoothed over through your hair.  (remember this is only for thicker more corse hair, not necessarily fine hair) Felicia compared it to a winter coat-  it’s the last thing to top your look and protect it.

I managed to score a couple of products after the chat.  Those oils are quickly becoming my favorite, with multiple uses in my beauty regimen.

What I love about this brand is its dedication to female empowerment. There are 12 brands under the Strength of Nature umbrella, catering to every woman and their beauty need (and now men too with the acquisition of the Pro Line brand). It’s the DNA of the company and Charlene’s belief that every woman should have the right to beauty, affordably and with option to have it their way.

It was so great to be amongst a group of like minded professional women who also looked like you. Contrary to popular belief black women can congregate together and get along.

There was no drama or diva antics for the entire weekend. The only shade was that from the Jamaican tropics and pool cabanas.  It was also pretty awesome that I got to experience it all with my girls.

The entire Strength of Nature Getaway in Jamaica was a real testament to Charlene’s belief and goal to support and empower women.

About what I wore… this print set is official my Caribbean suit.  I first wore it here in Anguilla and it fit in just as well in Jamaica

Kloset Pull

Short Set ~ H&M | Shoes ~ Zara | Lipstick ~ Kat Von D |
Bracelet ~ Hermes | Watch ~ Diesel

Get the Look in Your Kloset