Fresh Florals

by Kéla Walker

Happy Monday Kuties!
The floral trend is bigger than ever right now.  Everywhere you look someone is rocking flowers one way or another ensuring the floral trend as another seasonal hit.  That being said I decided to kick off the week with my own little floral number.

While the floral trend is no where near new, it’s still in full bloom.  There is a fine line wearing the trend and not letting it overwhelm you and dominate your style. As with any trend you always want to make it your own and add your personal touch to it and that most definitely rings true to this floral trend that’s all the rage right now.  We’ve seen it go horribly wrong. Too much flower power and it could be an epic fail; a la Kim Kardashian’s infamous Met Gala appearance.  The floral trend can also make you look a little juvenile or elderly  as if you are playing twinises with your Aunt Ester or little  niece on Sunday.  Either way you look at it it’s an epic fail. But when done right the floral trend can be the perfect feminine touch to your style.  While I’m no stranger to the floral trend, I decided arrange my flowers a little different this time.  Instead of wearing this floral dress as is (girly and demure)  I added some layers and texture to  give it a bit of edge. By layering on the vest and the studded belt, the floral dress is a little less dainty and all the more stylish.
Now this is how you to rock florals, if I may say so myself.



Has the floral trend sprouted on you, how do you work it? 

Today’s Kloset Pull 

Floral Dress old ~ Maggy Boutique (komparable) | Vest old ~ Banana Republic (komparable & a Floral one)| Shoes old ~ Christian Louboutin | Belt & Bag  ~ DvF | Lipstick ~ Stila Caprice