How I Wear My Black Girl Magic

by Kéla Walker

“Don’t let anybody steal your magic, yeah. But I got so much yall… You can have it.” ~ Solange

I can’t help but think about those Solange Lyrics whenever I think about black girl magic- my own magic and magic in general.  When i tell you I love Black girl magic though, TRUST! I sprinkle that shyt on every thing. It’s crazy how the term came out of nowhere a few years ago yet it’s something so many of us have known, recognized and lived with for all of our lives. Don’t ask me to define the phrase Black Girl Magic though, it just IS. It’s like Wi-Fi. You know it when you see it and when you see it, it is EVERY. THING you need and more.   It’s why I love this little pouch featured in this look.  It was gifted to me by one of my kuties. It arrived as a complete surprise with the most heart warming note thanking me for my magic that I share with others. * Insert tearful eyes*. It was a small gift with such a huge reminder that there is magic in all of us (Black or not). It’s also a reminder that you never know who is watching your magic and being inspired by it.  I’m literally just trying to be me,  doing what I have to do (yet another lyric, this time form from Brandy, another ones of my favorites) and the fact that people are inspired by that or motivated in any way is simply an honor and humbling to say the least. It’s really encouraging.

Needless to say, I wear my black girl magic every day and love that this bag makes it tangible, serving as a reminder of all that comes with my magic.
When you see someone sharing their magic- make sure you tell them and make sure they’re aware of how magical they are. I can tell you it’s a little that goes a long way.

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How do you wear your black girl magic?
How do you recognize the magic within others?