Honoring The Women of Black History

by Kéla Walker

I assume that by now you have seen the We Are Black History campaign. It’s only been talked about every where from Elle (who has the exclusive) to the Huffington Post, Buzz Feed, Madame Noire, and even Fashion Bomb Daily, amongst several publication raving about it.  I’m so honored to be a part of it, portraying such a strong and dynamic woman.

Kontinue for more details on the We Are Black History Campaign and my portrayal of Coretta Scott King.
After accepting the invitation to participate in the #WeAreBlackHistory campaign, I was informed I would be portraying Coretta Scott King.  Talk about PRESSURE!!!  Obviously all of the women portrayed in the campaign have made a significant contribution to black history but there’s something massive about Coretta Scott King. She’s like Black Royalty.  You can’t think about black history without her ground breaking husband, Martin Luther King Jr. coming to mind. Her support of him & their dedication to our advancement was unwavering. #ImNotWorthy.  Plus she is the epitome of sophistication and grace. My god what a women. You understand why I felt the pressure, now?

Beyond that, I gotta admit, I didn’t see the resemblance and wasn’t sure if I could carry it off. Welp, round of applause and standing ovation to the Style Influencer ladies who had a vision and their team that carried it through with perfection.

Photography: Jerome A. Shaw @PhotosbyRome | Hair: Seto McCoy @SetoMcCoy | Makeup: Kayden Makeup Artistry @KaydenMakeup | Nails: Gracie J @TheEditorialNail

The above image of Coretta was the inspiration for my look.

From Coretta Scott King to Pearl Bailey, Billy Holiday, Maya Angelou and others portrayed in the We Are Black History campaign, they cast the right line up of fashion and beauty influencers to pay homage to these woman that paved the way for us in more ways than one.

This image of me and Feminista Jones portraying an intimate moment between Betty Shabazz and Mrs King is my favorite. CHILLS.


It’s such an amazing campaign.  I’m super proud to be a part of it. For the full story on the #WeAreBlackHistory campaign and why The Style Influencer created it, check out the Elle.com

In the meantime, I’d love to hear what you We of the WeAreBlackHistory Campaign.  Do you think I nailed this portrayal of Coretta Scott King?