Winter Hot Pink

by Kéla Walker

 I made a vow to keep my winter bright this season and these hot pink pieces are holding me to my word.  Somehow the vibrant spring and summer color has become my favorite in a season that less than bright.    


Wearing hot pink in the winter

I got to snap these photos on one of NYC’s warmer winter days -so please dont think I’m out here inappropriately dressed  for the season.  Either way, bold and bright colors like hot pink are giving me a great amount of warmth during these winter days.  I’d like to think these colors add a little burst of joy to the season if only to remind us all of warmer times.  I couldn’t help but pair this sequins sweatshirt (first seen here) with the hot pink beanie which btw I have in every bold color there is- neon orange, cobalt blue- the only one I’m missing is the neon tennis yellow but I digress.  Together the vibrant pieces are quite electrifying.   Either way it’s pretty safe to say that the cold weather isn’t keeping me from enjoying bright colors. From the looks of recent purchases hot pink is stacking up up to be my favorite of them all so expect to see a lot more of the color coming from the kloset this season.

 Today’s Kloset Pull

Jacket ~ Zara | Sweatshirt ~ Forever 21 | Pants, Bag & Shoes ~ Zara | Beanie ~ NYC Street Vendor | Lipppie ~ Stila Fiore

Get the Look in Your Kloset

What’s your favorite color this season? What’s your technique to combat the winter blues?