Weekend Recap: No Plans Make For The Best Plans

by Kéla Walker

  Truthfully my favorite thing to do on the weekend  is nothing at all.  Is that weird? It may sound simple but more often than not, it’s rare that I get a free weekend to myself.  It seems that every weekend is filled with some event or festivity – especially in the summer.  That’s why I bask in those moments that I have nothing to do. Despite the lack of plans and activities- they end up making the best, most productive weekends for me- like this past weekend.

Weekend Recap: No Plans Make For The Best Plans

There’s so much pressure to summer.  I feel like I have to be doing something fun and memorable every moment or I’m wasting summer.  From the response I got on my snapchat and instagram this past weekend I know I’m not the only one that feels this way.  I especially feel the pressure on the weekends. This weekend I wanted nothing more than to do nothing at all. Not so secretly, I was happy it was a rainy weekend because that meant there was no fun in the sun or any outdoor activities and events for that matter,  to give me a case of FOMO.  I got to sleep in Saturday and do nothing at all.  Then in true fashion, I felt guilty and got a mild case of FOMO because the rain didn’t come as early as expected.  So I went for spin class SIDEBAR:  It’s true that once you get into the fitness thing it becomes an addiction or more so a lifestyle and you thrive for it.  That was me sitting in the house Saturday thinking about the fact that I hadn’t worked out all week.   As it turned out, that late day spin class ended up being just the boost I needed to get up and out – if only for dinner and drinks.

At times when I don't feel like getting dressed, like the weekend, a duster gives me effortless style

ANOTHER SIDEBAR: When I don’t feel like getting dressed like on weekends when I don’t feel like doing anything, a light layer like this sleeveless duster pulls me together real quick.  It makes my ‘fit look like I actully put forth some effort. It’s one of the biggest reasons I love these pieces in my kloset.

On weekends that I have nothing to do I like to say  I’m on the “no plan- plan”.  I’m not obligated to anything because there’s nothing scheduled and I can do whatever my heart desires = “no plan- plan”.  (Good, right? I give you permission to use that- just make sure you credit me) Let me tell you, no plan- plan weekends make for the best because you’re liable to get into anything.  More often than not for me, it starts off with brunch and exploring my hood in Brooklyn which is exactly what I did on Sunday.  After church and a nutella mocha latte (my first in 2 month)  I had the most awesome BLT sandwich at the Rabbit Hole in Williamsburg.  It’s a cute, quaint rustic restaurant that has the most amazing bacon I ever did taste in life. I didn’t think it was possible to love bacon any more than I did THEN I had their maple brown sugar bacon and… DEAR GOD, it’s divine.

brunch at the rabbit hole in williamsburg

Afterwards I did a little exploring because that’s what you do when you’re on the no plan-plan.  In taking note of another nearby  restaurant that I have to try in the near future I stumbled upon this beauty. #Winning.  I love love love public art and murals and it’s especially sweet when I randomly discover a new one.  I love the contrast of the colors in this wall art. Unfortunately I couldn’t capture it in it’s full essence because a car was parked right in front of it preventing the distance I needed to capture the whole thing.

art mural found in Williamsburg

Of course I had to take a picture in front of it. NATURALLY.  I mean, how else would you know I was there.  Lol .  There was also a boomerang moment to mark the discovery.

Im a huge fan of art mural- specifically taking cute pictures in front of them

We (as I Sass and I- if you don’t know sass- get your whole life and follow my Snapchat. We’re pure comedy when we are together) thought we were on out way back home to our side of town to escape the impending rain when we discovered another super kute gem- a stained plexiglass house.  Is it not the most adorable thing?  LOVE.

Tom Fruin Stain glass house

After a little research I found out it’s the product of sculptor Tom Fruin. Originally placed in Brooklyn Bridge Park ( which I missed) it’s now discreetly positioned beneath the Williamsburg Bridge amidst a bike park and garden with the biggest sunflowers I ever did see.  Anyone that knows me, knows I LOVE sunflowers so this space was indeed a special treat.  And to think I never would have discovered this hidden gem if I was ripping and running around as I typically am on the weekend.

Found this gem of the Tom Fruin Stain glass house in Brooklyn

Weekend Recap: No Plans Make For The Best Plans

Overall I had an awesome weekend.  It goes to show that sometime the best weekend plans are the ones you don’t have. At the very minimal you’ll be rejuvenated for the week ahead and enthusiastic about the upcoming weekend.

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