Salad Dressing

by Kéla Walker

“Molly Sims Dresses Up Wendy’s New Salad Collection” – that was the subject of the email that popped up in my inbox.  After days of naan, chicken tikka and rice in India I wanted nothing more than a salad so I was intrigued.  What the model & actress had to do with salads was beyond me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but RSVP sent.

Kontinue to see what fashion and salad or Molly Sims and Wendy’s have in common.

Turns out they both have good taste. ba-dum tshh (I love a good play on words).  To celebrate the roll out of their new salad collection-Asian Cashew Chicken and BBQ Ranch Chicken- Wendy’s teamed up with the fashion site Polyvore to encourage consumers to show how they are inspired by colors of the salad.  That’s where Sims comes in. She helped tie together  fashion with food showing off her own polyvore style boards inspired by the new salads. I’m happy to report thats beside looking pretty, both salads are quite tasty. Yes I tried both- I told you I was feigning for salad. Note: if you’re like me and don’t like spicy then skip the cashews on the Asian salad. The girl next to me was fanning her mouth. Lol.

There was a lifesize polyvore board on display where I created my own little style board inspired by the salads. The skirt and jean are interchangeable for a day and night look.

I loved this look from one of the models Molly styled.  How kute is that skirt- very cherry tomatoes on a bed of greens- You getting this fashion inspired by salad thing? lol. I need it in my kloset.

Wendy’s wants you to join in the fun and create your own style boards inspired by their leafy greens and for a chance to win your fashion finds.  Visit to check out Sims’ collections and create your own style boards, using Wendy’s salad images and fashions inspired by them. Sims will judge the style boards and pick her favorites for a chance to win $1,000. Tag the board with #NewSaladCollection.  There are four chances to win between now and July so getting to dressing your salad.