by Kéla Walker

I’m a few days late but there’s no love lost for this red look I wore on Valentine’s Day.  I mean when else can you get away with head to toe red and a shirt baring hearts and arrows all over it?

 I would actually wear this this look any day of the year but it was the perfect for my Valentine’s Day.  Don’t you love a good fashion theme?!  This whole look actually came together by accident.  I had all out intentions of wearing something else because of the mounds of snow to contend with. In fact I  I think I might have had on leather pants and was taking on a cool and casual approach to my style on this day typically reserved for pink and red and love,  kinda like last year. But in true Kéla’s Kloset fashion I didn’t like how the look was coming along so I started switching pieces out.  Next thing I know I had on this skirt and top which pulled together quite nicely with  my  red booties which I rarely get to wear but relish in when I can.  (They are just so darn pretty and bold- if only they were more practical)   The hat was also a accidental addition that  I added later in the day. I left home with a turban on and switched it out for this veil beanie I’ve had lying around at work for several weeks now.  All in all, i love how the outcome of this look and that it was on key of V-day.  It’s a Kute and quirky look with a cool girl flair to it.  I love it!

Today’s Kloset Pull

Vest old ~ Trip to Italy | Leather Jacket old ~ Zara | Shirt Vintage ~ Moschino (stole form My Brother’s Kloset)
Skirt ~ H&M | Tights ~ Uniqlo | Shoes old ~ Christian Louboutin | Lippie ~ Sephora Always Red Lip Stain

** Photos by Anthiny Austin**

Get the Look in Your Kloset

Did you play into the them of Valentine’s Day and wear something pink or red or brazen with hearts  and or kisses?