Home For the Holidays

by Kéla Walker

I’m so cheesy when it comes to heading home for the holidays.  Along with planning a cute outfit for our “family photo” I  strategize ways to get the family to indulge in a game or two or three.

Kontinue to to go home with me for the holidays and more importantly the deets on my over the knee boots because I know that’s all you’re really here for

 Home for me is a 90 minute trek upstate to Marlboro NY,  a small town outside of Poughkeepsie.  My immediate family resides there and we’ve been there for almost 15 years. Our home is right off the Hudson River and looks like a winter wonderland this time of the year. Every time I’m there I feel like I’m at a vacation home because it’s so different from my life in Brooklyn.  There are five of us,  my mother + Me, my younger brother, baby sister and PopPop.  My sister and I always dress up or at least put forth a little effort  for the holiday and take pictures by the fire place. We joke that it’s our perfect holiday card.  Never mind the fact that we don’t even do holiday card  which would be an epic fail if we did because my sister & I are the only ones that take pictures (My mother and brother couldn’t care less and actually poke fun at us)

We tease that my grandfather is like Uncle Pete from the movie “Soul Food”,  keeping to himself in his bedroom but on occassion he makes his way out to be a little more social.  This year my sister and I pulled him into the mix to snap a few pictures with us. Isn’t PopPop the kutest!


I love these moments with my family.  We aren’t perfect but hey, what family is?  Unfortunately  I failed to get anyone to play games. No one ever wants to play games which sucks because I’m so good at them. (Trust, you want to be on my team for a game of Taboo) That doesn’t stop me from trying to rally everyone up for them.  Instead we sit around with full bellies and crack jokes, many of which I think I am the brunt of.  I’m so not the cool kid at home but hey, at least my ‘fit was kute.

So about what I wore home for the holidays…  primarily these over the knee boots, check out the buying links below.  I should tell you now though that these specific boots are sold out BUT I did find some pretty awesome comparable ones.

 aybe I can try and get my mother and brother to take pictures this Christmas. Hey, nothing beats an effort but a try.  Maybe there will be a Home for the Holidays Part Two.

 Holiday Kloset Pull

Dress & BOOTS ~ H&M ( YES, H&M)  | Bracelet ~ Hermes | Watch~ Diesel

Get the Look In Your Kloset

Do you get dressed up for the holidays home? What are some of your holiday and family traditions?