What Kind of Diamond Bride Are You?

by Kéla Walker

I had the best play date ever recently with the Forevermark Diamonds. I got to play with diamonds and try on as many as my heart desired at the interactive preview.  File this under #ThingsWeLove. My dream diamond would either be a fancy color -yellow or black  (you know I gotta be different) or include a little rose gold. However,  I would settle for a traditional diamond in an Asscher or Emerald cut-take note future Hubby.  Besides playing in diamonds and dreaming of the perfect 4 Cs (color, cut, clarity, carat) I got to check out the new Forevermark Diamond Bridal Collection. I’m no where near getting married but hey, a girl’s gotta be prepared,right? They had 4 different bridal collections to preview; catering to every kind of bride.

 Kontinue for a a breakdown each bride and the diamond to match

The Modern Bride takes inspiration from the clean lines of modern architecture, while still capturing the allure of the most sophisticated, luxurious spaces.  Everything is the perfect visualization of essential style. On her wrist sits a mix of different metal diamond cuff bracelet, and in her hand she grabs a structural hand-tied bouquet of orchid and white roses.

Modern Bride in Forevermark Diamond Bridal collection

For the Regal Bride, the wedding day is an opportunity to take inspiration from days gone by. Details that characterized the style of the past will be interpreted in a more contemporary style, creating a magical and timeless ambiance. The wedding gown is a majestic silhouette made in beautiful taffeta with the lace appliqué and delicate beading. Her wedding day diamond jewelry  is classic, yet stunning.

Regal Bride in Forevermark Diamond Bridal collection

The Sparkling Bride is unique, confident and seeks to go beyond the traditional wedding. Details of her day include mirrored centerpieces and sparkling light effects. Her form-fitting, hand-embellished gown features a deep-v to highlight her neckline and her hair is loosely pulled back to display glistening diamond drop earrings.


Sparkling Bride in Forevermark Diamond Bridal collection

Today’s Romantic Bride seeks the perfect balance between classicism and elegance. She is inspired by an era of sophistication and wants her day to feel like a fairytale. She makes a vintage statement choosing dazzling diamond jewelry for her wedding day.

Romantic Bride in Forevermark Diamond Bridal collection

I think I would be a mix between Regal and Modern bride. What about you, what kind of bride would you be?