How Grown And Sexy Step Out For The Club

by Kéla Walker

Lords knows, I don’t do clubs but when Rae Holiday of Stuff Fly People Like asked me to host a Lavish Saturday after party for NYC Fashion Week, I figured why not. It’s been a long time since I hit a two step and I’d been feening to rock out to some good music.  The only issue: What to wearfor the club occasion.  It’s been a long time since I hit the club scene much less, host a a night out on the dance floor so I knew I had to bring it.  However when I think club wear, I think  freakum dresses (most commonly referred to as Thot attire these day).  The thing is I don’t own a single solitary THOTful piece. Okay, maybe one dress but nothing I’d want to hit the club scene in during NYFW.  So what does one wear when going out and trying to fit in while try in to not look like a freakum girl?

Tight, fitted, skin showing, curve hugging dresses aren’t really my thing.  NO JUDGEMENT if it is for you,  I’m more of a shift dress kinda girl than a body con wearer. Although I gotta admit that since I started shedding a few lbs on my SNATCHed journey I have got a little more risque with clothes.  Even still, all within good taste.  What you won’t do is catch me out here looking like a street walker.  Fast forward to this set I found on the great internet – the perfect fit for a party, during NYFW  or any time for that matter.

Talk about show up and show out. I love this look. I’ve actually been on the hunt for a look like this for a really long time now. I’m so happy to report that it was perfect fit for my fashion week fete- I fit in and stood out all at the same time.  I didn’t have to go all tight and super body conscious or compromise my style to fit into the club scene.  Of course I added even more flare to the look layering my Gucci inspired duster /rob over the look.  Love, LOVE!!!

I’m so happy I got to celebrate NYFW in this look, not to mention score this set before the end of the warm days.  You think I can get in another wear before the temperature starts to drop?

Tonight’s Kloset Pull

Top ~ Here | Pants ~ Here

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