Snow Day Attire

by Kéla Walker

Sorry for the lack of post kuties. This winter is kicking my butt and driving me insane. It’s been quite the challenge to come up with stylish winter outfits that are both kute and warm in this weather.  

There are only but so many stylish winter outfits one can create. Practically every day is a snow day in NYC these days. What was once a snow day has turn into SNOW weeks in NYC and it’s completely throwing off my style.   If the chill doesn’t get you, the snow’s aftermath of slush that splashes all over your clothes will.   I’m so over my  layers and  jeans  which seem to be the other thing this weather can  withstand. Needless to say my pretty dresses and shoes are just begging for an appearances but there is only so much winterizing I can do in this weather.  On the flip side,  I am happy to report that after years of search, YES, YEARS, I finally found a great pair of cool and warm winter boots. I love a great throw on boot  that’s not too fuzzy yet still stylish.  They aren’t too detail heavy, have a shearling lining and add  just the right amount of flair to my look as of late which has been simplified to all black everything ( also due to extra lbs I’ve packed on) The all black attire +the boots, my collection of hats + an easy bag + great lip color  are the what equal a stylish winter outfit for me these day.


 Today’s Kloset Pull

Hat ~ Target | Coat & Scarf ~ Zara| Jeans ~ Uniqlo | Boots ~ Topshop | Gloves ~ via Century 21 | Purse ~ DvF
Lippie ~ Revlon Colorblast in Shameless 

Get the Look in Your Kloset

What about you? NYC isn’t the only place having a brutal winter. How are your keeping up and creating stylish winter outfits?