White Dress Code

by Kéla Walker

I have this love hate relationship with white- I love the color but hate wearing it especially when a white dress code is enforced.



I do love a fresh white look but I hate they way I feel in it- super paranoid and nervous that I’ll get dirty and dingy or worse, stained. It’s fun for the moment but it’s nearly impossible to wear the same fresh white look again. So as you can imagine an all white dress code freaks me out. When the occasion arrises,  I like to push the envelope just a little.

Next time you have an all white dress code try:
*A white look with texture and colorful details to mix things up
* Don’t skip the prints, just make sure white is the base of your look & you’ll still be within limits.
*Add color-white is a blank canvas and works with a rainbow of colors so add a pop of color.

Check out the last time I wore an all white look 

While I’m at it, I also hate white shoes.  UGH- they urk me like nails agains a chalk board.   I never saw a pair of white shoes that I liked. I don’t care how they are cut, they always seem to look like chalky boats on your feet and remind me of those shoes you had to wear as a toddler learning to walk or sunday school shoes.  Clearly I have a lot of residual emotions about white shoes but THESE, these are different. I love the simplisty of these white sandals.  Three small straps plus a silver mirror heel- Simple and Sweet.

Today’s Kloset Pull

Dress ~ c/o Ivy & Blu | Shoes ~ Zara | Purse old ~ Forever 21

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