Working the Met Gala Red Carpet

by Kéla Walker

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I covered the red carpet arrivals at the Met Gala – one of the most highly anticipated (fashion) events of the year.  Everyone equates it to the Oscars of fashion but I think thats more appropriate for the CFDA awards but that’s neither here or there. For years the Met Gala has been on my dream press list- a list of events and happenings I want to cover and add to my resume and last year I finally  got to cross it off.  After the event I swore  I would never do it again.  There really is no better way to describe it other than chaos and couture.  Fast Forward to this year and that oxymoron was even more true with the Punk Fashion theme yet when the call came to cover the event for a second time, I couldn’t say no.  I mean, it’s the MET GALA for heaven’s sake.

 Beyonce arrive at the 2013 Met Gala

Kontinue to read my take on the Met Gala red carpet AND to see what I wore.

I knew from last year that I didn’t want to wear a long gown because it’s really more of a headache than it’s worth.  Guest, Host, +1’s and Reporters alike get caught up in what to wear for the big occasion. It’s kinda a big deal, however as a reporter on the red carpet, it’s important to understand there is a fine line between walking the carpet and working it.  I never want to be over dressed or dressed to a point where it looks like I am attending an event but at the same time I dont want to look like the help either.  There is a balance in finding the right look to blend in and stand out simultaneously.  I know it sounds confusing, hence that FINE LINE.  All of that to say, this year I went on the short side and added a my idea of punk and edge with my accessories. I debated between a couple of dresses but finally decided on this number courtesy of Rent the Runway.  Despite the long dresses and gowns others wore it was perfect for the event.

Kéla Walker at the Met Gala

The steps to the MET covered in that red hot carpet are signature to the Gala.  Press align both sides of the staircase to capture attendees.  What you don’t see is that most all of us are standing in a spaces that’s really no more than a foot wide and and for upwards of 3 hours. THE REAL CHAOS AND COUTURE.   It takes real flexibility and acrobatic skills to get into that space.  Once you are in, you are in.  There is no turning around, coming and going unless you feel like contorting your body to get out of the space again.  Peep the video

Red carpets can get pretty crazy especially when it’s star after star walking down the carpet or in this case climbing the carpet. It gets really congested at times and you could easily miss a key starlet if you get fixated on any one person or spot on the carpet.  Because the Met red carpet is so wide celebs have to make their way up and side to side to appease all the photographers and videographers.  In most cases once they are done with the photo-opp, a star will favor one side of the carpet and completely negate the opposite side which explains why some outlets put reporters and crews on both sides.

I love this moment on the carpet, when the flashing lights get so intense and steady that they create a glow and make stars shine on the runway, literally and figuratively .  Photogs don’t go crazy like this for just any one.  It takes a real star  to make stars happen.
(l-r Madonna, Beyoncé, Katie Holmes)

Beyonce, Madonna , Katie Holmes on the Red Carpet

I’ll spare you my list of best and worse dressed. Im sure by now you have seen that list a thousands time
(if you really want my opinon, drop me a line below)

Kéla Walker Cover the Met Gala

Kéla Walker TV Host covers the Met Gala

After Hours in those heels and hustling for interviews, I snagged a selfie with friend-in-my-head Giuliana Rancic.   #girlcrush. She is such a sweetheart. Normally I dont do that kind of thing, like EVER but I adore her and really admire her work.  A lot of people dont know that she’s not just a host for E! News but also  a managing editor which means she’s more than a pretty face- an essential component to success in this business.

 Kéla Walker and Giuliana Rancic

Kéla Walker TV Host covers the Met Gala

See You Next year MET! What do you think of this year’s red carpet Met Gala look?

Today’s Red Carpet Kloset Pull

Makeup ~ MiMi Kamara  | Dress ~ Vera Wang c/o Rent the Runway  Green Shoes ~ Christian Louboutin |
Bangles ~ Assorted | Polish ~ Sally Hensen Pacific Blue