The One Essential You Need To Transition Into #FallFashion

by Kéla Walker

Labor day is near which means everything is leaning toward Fall fashion these days.  Quietly kept, I have been preparing for the season, stocking up on goodies essential for the times ahead starting off with the most important – blazers

Fall’s official start date is not until September 21 but mission #FTSU is in full effect until then.  With that said, I have quietly been preparing for fall making purchases here and there to snatch my wardrobe together for my favorite season- the most important of which, blazers.  It’s for that very reason that I love fall, aka blazer season.

A blazer is the most quintessential piece to fall fashion not to mention your wardrobe in general. I like to call them “snatchers”.  When worn right a blazer will snatch your look together, giving you a perfectly polished and chic style.  I own plenty which is why I wanted to add a statement blazer to my kloset in time for Fall. One that I could wear with ANYTHING and instantly look fly. I think I accomplish just that with this latest acquisition. My fav online retailer- ASOS is dope for an amazing selection of blazers

How kute are the tassels on this blazer. It falls right in line with the fringe craze happening right now which will continue to be huge in the Fall.


Other Dope Blazers Worth Adding to Your Fall Preparation

As much as I’m loving summer and holding on tight, I can’t wait till Fall to put this blazer into rotation.  No. Really.  I can’t wait and i didn’t want t put it away after this shoot so I tied it around my waist and you know what, it looks just as kute as it does drapped around my back.

I love it.

Blazer  ~ c/o Asos | Jumpsuit ~ Forever 21 | Shoes ~ Zappos

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