Brunch at Sea with Blissful Curls Tour

by Kéla Walker

You all know I live for a good brunch, right? Just when I thought it couldn’t get better than last month’s beauty and the brand brunch with Ursula Stephens, Curls went and hosted a beauty brunch on a yacht this past weekend for their first annual Blissful Curls Tour. Unlimited mimosa, great food, a cruise around the Hudson, all while kiki-ing with fellow bloggers- sounds like the ideal set up for a Sunday play date and an impromptu photo shoot with the girls.

I love getting all dolled up and hanging out with the girls on some fab excursion and I LOVE even more when it’s in the company of other equally fab women- especially beautiful black women, in all there crowning glory,  which the blissful curls tour brunch was full of.

(L-R) Taren Guy and Jessica aka HeyGorjess

(L-R) With Dani of Hello Beautiful & Joy Adaze from CurlSistas

  Jenell Of Kink Curly Coily Me led a Q&A with Curls owner Mahisha Dellinger who gave us insight into her life and the Curl brand.  She shared some tough moments form her childhood and how she made the transition form an IBM executive to an beauty entrepreneur. She’s a great example that you should never judge a book by its cover.

I love how I am almost always the only relaxed girl at these hair events and kind of stick out like a sore thumb. It can be a little awkward at times but really I don’t care.  I may be the only relaxed girl in the room but I still use the natural hair girl products. Regardless of how you wear your hair- all that really matters is healthy hair. Flips Hair and walks away.  lol

Huge thank you to Julian of  Bella Kinks for hosting the event and inviting me along for the ride.

Oh, about that impromptu photoshoot with the girls… So many frame-worthy shots.

And about that dress I wore that IG kuties seemed to approve of…  I love the color, cut and flow of this dress.  It seemed like the perfect choice for a brunch / play date at Sea.  I don’t wear it  often (the last time was for my 2012 Bday)  but when I do- lets just say the girls come out to play- another thing I feel awkward about but as my friend says, people pay good money to have what I have.  Another flips hair and walks away, moment.  


NYC was just the first stop for the Blissful Culrs tour.  Look out for your city as they make their way across the country.  Next up, DC.

Today’s Kloset Pull

Dress old~ Forever 21 (YES, that F21) |  Shoes ~ Zara

Get the Look in Your Kloset

I’m curious, are you relaxed or natural?  How do you feel about the natural hair movement?