Winter Is Morphing My Style : Girl Gone TomBoy

by Kéla Walker

Am I the only one that feels like this winter is bringing out the tomboy in you?

I swear, this the winter morphing my style and bringing out the inner tomboy in me.  Idk how women are wearing skirts and dresses in these freezing temperatures. OMG, if that’s you, God bless you. I can’t do it. Anything below 30 degrees and I can’t manage much more than jeans and knits.   I tried to keep a positive perspective on the season but it’s really worn thin on me.  At last, when life give you lemons…. Thankfully above basic, basics like this snap back beanie and these chain boots have helped style things up a bit, helping me maintain my style rep these days.  Oh and good face, that also helps. These interesting pieces add flair to my otherwise mediocre , read WARM wardrobe   these days.

Just know that until things warm up or at least reache 40 degrees, this cool girl, tomboy style will remain my uniform and cold weather barrier.

Today’s Kloset Pull

 Hat ~ Club Monaco ( Available here) Coat – Forever 21 | Faux Layered Sweater ~ H&M |
Jeans ~ Joe Fresh | Boots ~ Zara | Purse ~ Rebecca Minkoff

Get the look in your closet

Is winter being brutal to your style? How are you handling it? Have you discovered a new style of fashion in your closet?